Consultant Auditing Services:

Health and Safety Legislation is continuing to evolve at a steady pace. Our team of Health and Safety Auditors can help you stay ahead of these changes to maintain a legislative compliant Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) – without one this is putting your company at risk and could lead to significant consequences that range from penalties, fines, imprisonment and even criminal charges. These impacts could negatively affect a company’s reputation and may limit the potential for future work. These costs pale in comparison to the human factors if there is a workplace incident.

G-Force Safety Auditors have an in-depth knowledge of regulatory standards paired with the necessary accreditations, skills and industry experience to help your company navigate the Certification of Recognition (COR) Audit process.

Our team is also equipped to assist organizations that are seeking their Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR). The SECOR program is geared towards smaller organizations and requires a self-evaluation of your program, combined with the submission of various directive and operational documents to the applicable Certifying Partner (CP) to be evaluated.

Employers that do not yet have sufficient data to be audited but are looking to begin their journey towards achieving a COR/SECOR, may want to consider a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) through their applicable CP. This temporary certification only requires an administrative review of their health and safety program to ensure the basic structure and foundational pieces of their program are intact. Once the CP has approved the TLC the employer is granted a one-time six month temporary certification that is widely accepted by most clientele for bidding purposes. This allows the company time to further develop their systems and collect sufficient operational documentation to meet the eligibility requirements for the COR certification, while still having the ability to bid on jobs. G-Force can help you achieve this interim certification to get you one step closer to achieving your COR.

Each organization will differ in terms of their scope of work and nature of business activities but the program elements that need to be evaluated to achieve COR in relation to the approved provincial standard following areas remain consistent and are as follows:

COR Elements:

  1. Management Commitment
  2. Public, Visitors and Contracted Employers
  3. Health and Safety Committees / Health and Safety Representatives
  4. Training
  5. Hazard Assessment
  6. Hazard Control
  7. Inspections and Maintenance
  8. Emergency Response
  9. Investigation
  10. Program Administration


  • NOTE: SECOR is structured slightly differently, please contact G-Force Safety for further information

With skilled G-Force Safety Auditors you can be sure that we will evaluate your HSMS through a seamless process, and ensure the highest level of integrity at all times. The COR audit or SECOR evaluation will give the employer a detailed glimpse of the effectiveness of their HSMS. This process will also identify potential deficiencies and areas that may require further enhancement. With completion of your COR or SECOR the company will be provided with an executive summary report that will highlight positive areas of your system and provide recommendations for areas that may require remedial action, with the goal of continual improvement.