Baseline Audit/ Gap Analysis

Are you curious about the current state of your Health and Safety Management System, and whether it will meet COR/SECOR requirements?
Some organizations may prefer to gain a general understanding of the current state of their company’s Health & Safety Management System (HSMS), to identify preliminary findings before they move into the certification process. This is an informal process that will assist the organization in identifying gaps within their HSMS that they may want to focus on before going into the formal process of submitting an audit for quality assurance and review. The steps are essentially the same as conducting an audit.

If you choose this process a G-Force Safety Consultant will review all relevant documentation, conduct interviews and observations and evaluate the effectiveness of your program against an approved standard. The main difference between this and a regular audit is that it is not submitted to the Certifying Partner for quality assurance review. This practice audit will help set the organization up for success as they move towards their COR/SECOR certification.

G-Force Safety can conduct this Baseline Audit and provide further guidance as you move towards COR certification in subsequent years.