About – Who puts the ‘G’ in G-Force?

G-Force Safety Solutions started with a single vision from owner and CEO Gina Williams. Gina has had the opportunity to work in varying positions within the construction industry leading to several safety sensitive positions throughout her career. Gina started her career as a tradesperson in the heavy industrial sector working as a Plasterer. During this position Gina achieved her National Construction Safety Officer (NSCO) designation that validates the practical level of knowledge and skill that she gained during her time in the construction industry. This valuable work experience also helped her subsidize her education and complete her final years at the University of Alberta as she attained her Bachelor of Education Degree.

Gina, after suffering from a workplace incident herself, realized the importance of Health and Safety at the work site. She soon progressed into a Safety Coordinator position. After three years in the heavy industrial sector, she spent a few years teaching in the primary school division.

Gina’s next career move amalgamated her construction, safety and educator experience when she accepted a position as Safety Coordinator for a large construction group that worked across Western Canada in residential and commercial construction. This position gave her the opportunity to spend most of her time actively in the field working closely with the front-line. It led to the innovation of new ways to maintain a high level of health and safety. This position advanced her into a Senior Level Safety position. She then became the OHS Manager for the entire Western Region. This position reminded Gina that education and awareness in relation to health safety are very much the backbone to a successful Health and Safety Management System (HSMS).

Gina went on to another successful career with the largest Certifying Partner in Alberta, the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). Gina started as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the COR Department of the ACSA.  In this position she reviewed all types of COR Audits to ensure they were meeting quality assurance standards, before being submitted to the Alberta Government for the final phase of the COR certification process.  During her time in the COR department she successfully attained her Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) certification. Gina then progressed into a position as a trainer, and now contract trainer at the ACSA where she continues to instruct all of the COR required training courses as well as other courses that meet the construction industry’s health and safety needs.

With Gina leading the team at G-Force Safety Solutions you can be sure that you will have the necessary reinforcements to get your program and HSMS up to speed. Don’t hesitate to contact G-Force Safety today!

COR & SECOR Certification

Gina Williams B.Ed, CRSP, NCSO